Size of the GSD: Medium to Large

Ezzi jump-Fall Trial

Good puppy buyers ask many questions while doing their research. This process is wonderful and good. I enjoy when individuals and families do their research. It demonstrates quality and value of the home of a puppy’s future home. 

The most common question that is asked is about size. This is a good question when left to itself. What is the height and weight of sire and dam? Period. Move on and are the pedigree lines demonstrating the size of the dogs to be medium to large working dog.

What happens, very often in the States with puppy buyers is that people are looking for a “Huge Male German Shepherd”. This exhausts me as well as all the other quality breeders out there.

I want to ask the potential buyer, “Is there some type of Freudian complex you have that you need to compensate for?” 🙂

I find this topic come up frequently with puppy buyers, especially men. Which is why I want to ask the Freudian questions.

At this point in my career, I have decided to no longer go down this path of conversation of “Huge Male” complex. I have done it through the years, and now I explain about the expected size of the breed standard.

If this question continues, I will be removing them from puppy waiting lists.

The breed is designed to be a working and active breed. When the dog is 100 lbs. or more this is merely for the owner to share or overcompensate for their own size or capacity.

Breed Standards

Male: Weight: 66-88 lbs or 30-40 kg                            Height: 24-26 inches or 60-65 cm

Female: Weight: 49-71 lbs or 22-32 kg                                    Height: 49-71 lbs. or 55-60 cm





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