Dog Food: Kibble or Raw


Select a food for your dog is a decision that has many choices in today’s society.  There are choices such as: kibble, raw, primal, holistic, dehydrated, and homemade. When an individual or family brings home the new dog, choosing a food can be an overwhelming task.

My first recommendation I always give is to buy the food that dog is already eating. For example, the shelter or breeder has been feeding the dog a food that can be continued. My only time I recommend to change is if there are issues with the feed. For example, an issue could be vomit or diarrhea from the food. And the issue has been outlined by your Veterinarian.

Now, to feed kibble or raw? I prefer to feed raw to my adult dogs. This is not to say that I do not feed kibble to my transitioning puppies. I find there are some quality kibbles out there during puppy transition that can be healthier options.

But overall, I prefer to feed a raw diet to my adult dogs. I especially like to feed a raw diet to my competition dogs. This is because I can create a diet which has the correct amount of vitamins, nutrients, and calories needed for the training and exercise levels of a competition dog.

The next reason is, my reservations about the kibble process. Kibble is made with an extrusion process. Ingredients such as meats, vegetables, carbs, and fillers are mixed together until it makes a ‘dough’. The dough is then fed into the expander.  While in the expander, the ‘dough’ is cooked in pressurized steam. These high pressures and temperatures take out healthy and nutrient values in the food. Essentially extracting the ‘good’ out of the food.

Then the ‘dough’ is cut and compacted. How do the vitamins and nutrients then get onto the food? They are sprayed onto the ‘dough’. The summary is, the food has the valuable parts taken out of it and then sprayed back onto the food. This can never be as healthy or valuable as the original form.


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